Subtitle Converter for Video Editors is a web application whose main purpose is to improve the compatibility between professional video editing software and the most common subtitle files. The idea arose from my experience as a professional video and film editor.

In this version (Beta), we have implemented full compatibility between the most popular video editing software: Apple Final Cut Pro (versions 7 and X), DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere; and the most common subtitle formats as SubRip (.srt) or Webvtt (.vtt). The application has been developed with Symfony framework and has been designed so that new formats can be introduced in the future.


Other features implemented: View presentation

  • Edit subtitle text and apply a style
  • Translate subtitles to any language(Actually, this feature is limited)
  • Choose default style presets or define them
  • Use a FCP 7 XML reference file to synchronize your subtitles with your video sequence
  • Change subtitles frame rate for all formats
  • Italics from imported files are respected
  • All exported files are encoded to UTF-8
  • Export subtitles to text formats such as .csv or .pdf
  • Highlight subtitles in .pdf format

Compatibility of supported formats

Export Format Extension Compatibility Import Italics Style Params
Avid Ds txt Avid Media Composer In progress No No
Final Cut Pro 7 Interchange Format xml Apple Final Cut Pro 7 Yes Yes Yes
Final Cut Pro X Format v1.1 fcpxml Apple FCP X v10-10.0.6 Yes Yes Yes
Final Cut Pro X Format v1.3 fcpxml Apple FCP X v10.1 - 10.4.3 & DaVinci Resolve Yes Yes Yes
SubRip srt Adobe Premiere Yes Yes No
WEBVTT vtt - In progress Yes Yes